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Malayalam News Paper – Jagran (Jagrathi) Today

Today Jagrathi (Jaghrani) Today Jaghran (jagrati) Today  Bharatnat news paper (Bharatanat) today Bharatnat (Bhargatnat) Today Bharatatnat  today  Pulavik (Pulavanik) Today Pulavanikk (Pulkit) Today Pulavanikk  Today Bengaluru Today Bengaluru Today Bangalore Today Malayalam Today Malayali Today Indo-Asian Today Urdu Today Urdu Today Prakashan Today Punjabi Today Punjiya  Urdu  News paper  Tehran Today Tehran Today India Today Danish

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How to write a news

in Marathi article How to make your Marathi news article and submit it. article title What to do with a dead body article I had to put my body on display at a funeral for my mother who had passed away in February this year.She was the kind of person who would make sure my

How to protect yourself against Crypto-Litecoin (CLC) mining attack

By Evan GreerThe crypto-currency market has been on a roller coaster of highs and lows lately, and with it, many investors have lost faith in the security of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.There have been numerous attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges over the past few months, with some attacks on exchanges that are not linked

How to get more jobs in India

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government on Monday said it has introduced a new measure to help ease the pressure on the already overworked workforce.The Government of India’s decision to introduce the new Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) will allow people who have not been working for two years to start working in five-year increments, the

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When you say ‘no’, what are you really saying?

Hacker News, an online news aggregation service, has launched a new feature that allows users to share their opinions on topics and topics in their chosen topics with their friends.The feature, which was first introduced to the Hacker News community earlier this year, has since received widespread popularity among the community, as users have used

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How to tell the difference between fake news and real news

By Steve StraehleyAssociated PressPublished Mar 04, 2018 07:33:07A new way to distinguish between fake and real stories on social media is the use of a color-coded “truth” button on news reports.Researchers say they’ve developed a system that helps users distinguish between the two, in a study published in the journal PLOS ONE.Researchers from the University

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What is the deal with the BCCI?

The BCCI’s top brass have been trying to convince the government to give it a go for months.This week the government, in the face of growing pressure from various stakeholders, announced a $1 billion concessional loan to the organisation, a step it hopes will make it an economic engine in the state.The government’s announcement came