Which is more important: India or the US?

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AUSTRALIA: Which is most important to you?

The USA Today/Gallup survey found that only 40% of respondents said India is the most important country in the world.

That’s down from 53% last year.

In fact, India’s share of the world’s population has decreased from about 5.7% to about 4.6%.

However, in the survey, the US has remained the most significant foreign country.

NATIONAL LEADERSHIP The survey also found that more people say the U.S. is more influential in the global economy than India.

About 54% of Americans say India is more powerful than the U, while just 36% say the same of the U of A. India is also viewed as the leader of the developed world in the poll, with 55% saying that about the U., but only 31% of Australians agree.

The poll also found, however, that people in India are more likely to be satisfied with their lives than people in other countries.

India had a satisfaction rating of 79%, followed by the U (67%), the UK (65%), China (58%), France (54%), Germany (52%), Canada (51%), Russia (48%), and Brazil (47%).

The United States ranked 47th with a satisfaction score of 71%.

The survey of 1,014 adults, including 814 self-identified liberals and 807 self-identicals conservatives, was conducted in English and in Hindi.

It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

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