Which presidential candidate is best positioned to win Indiana?


Fox News contributor Sean Hannity says that Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has the best chance to win the Hoosier State.

Hannity said that the Republican candidate is the best person to represent the party in Congress.

Trump, meanwhile, is the worst candidate.

Hannity also said that he is willing to spend money to try and stop Carson from winning the nomination.

Hannity added that Trump would be able to bring in the votes of white voters who traditionally support the GOP.

Hannity has been vocal about his support for Trump and his plan to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which has been a huge part of Trump’s political success.

He also said on his radio show that he thinks the Trump administration will be “a disaster.”

“I think that the government is a disaster.

I think the Trump people are incompetent.

I’m sick of the lies.

I don’t think we need a government that is in the middle of the road,” Hannity said.

Hannity and Trump were also both in Indianapolis this week.

Trump will be in Indianapolis on Friday for a rally.

He will be there at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, which is being sold out for the first time ever.

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