Which team will win the Atlantic Division in 2018?


ESPN Crikey is reporting that the Atlantic division is expected to be decided by a whopping 20 points between the Blue Jackets and Capitals.

According to ESPN’s Peter Chiarelli, the Blue Jays are the favorite to win the division, with a 19-point lead in the standings.

The Caps are expected to take the division lead with a 16-point advantage, with the Rangers and Capitals tied for third place with six points each.

The Jackets are currently seventh in the Atlantic, while the Caps are currently sixth in the conference, with only four points separating them from a wild card spot.

Chiarelli expects the Caps to have a strong season in 2018, with both of their young stars to be among the league’s most improved players.

“The Caps have a lot of pieces in place for the future.

They’re building for the long term, they’re going to be in the playoff mix for a while,” Chiarelli told ESPN.

“They’re going through a rebuilding process.”

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