What to do if you’re at a bar with a gun


If you’re a member of the Philadelphia media or entertainment community, there’s a good chance you’re not one of those people who are happy to talk about guns in public.

You know how it goes: a newscaster tells a story, a guy is shot, and a bunch of people run up to him to help him, and there’s one thing they’re not happy about?

The fact that there is a gun in his hand.

It’s a common story in Philadelphia, as is the one about a gunman who used a shotgun to kill a woman at the bar she was visiting with her boyfriend.

But this particular case is different, and it’s not a gun story.

The victim, who is not named, was shot in the neck.

Police have said that it appeared to be an accident, but there have been reports of people with guns pointing guns at other people, and in one case a man pulled a gun on a woman in a bar and was later arrested for firing it.

And while this story may have been the exception, there are instances in which guns are used as a form of social control.

The New York Times reported on a recent shooting in New York City where a man pointed a shotgun at people at a coffee shop.

And in a recent New Jersey case, a woman was shot and killed while visiting her husband at a gas station, but she was not armed.

In a world where guns have become a popular form of public expression, the Philadelphia shooting raises the question of how far gun control is willing to go in the future.

“The gun in this case may have caused the death of an innocent bystander,” the Times reports.

“That’s not the way it should happen.”

But there’s no reason to think that gun control will be any less of a threat to our society.

The number of guns in the U.S. is growing at an unprecedented rate.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, guns accounted for about 6% of all homicides in the United States in 2015, and nearly 40% of people who die from gunshot wounds are killed with guns.

More than 20% of those killed in shootings with guns in 2015 were women.

The gun violence in Philadelphia has sparked debate about gun control in general.

The city has recently seen several gun bans passed in recent years, and city officials have said they want to prevent future gun violence, but are worried about the potential for a resurgence of violence.

The city is already dealing with an increase in crime after a recent spate of robberies in which two men were shot to death and a woman stabbed.

While Philadelphia’s gun control laws haven’t been fully implemented, the city’s gun laws were put in place during the last legislative session.

The bill that allowed the city to have its own gun stores was the most stringent in the country, and gun rights groups have criticized the law.

According to the Daily News, some people are concerned that the city could allow people to carry guns into bars and restaurants.

In the future, gun owners will need to be able to prove their gun ownership by showing ID at the state and federal level.

And there are some who believe that guns are only used in self-defense, so they could be used to commit crimes.