How to find a safe place to sleep, report says

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Posted July 25, 2019 05:12:08If you need help getting home safely, here are a few tips to get you through the night:Stay in bed: Stay in bed with your pillow, but leave your bedside table and bedside chair.

Do not leave any objects in the bedroom.

If you have to move out, do not move it.

Stay in your room if possible.

Do NOT touch any other parts of the house or property.

Do your best to keep yourself safe.

Stay indoors: If you are outside and your window or door has no curtains, leave that open.

If possible, wear a mask.

If the air is not clear, use a closed-circuit TV or sound system to make the sound clearer.

Do you see anything suspicious?

If you see something suspicious, call police.

If it is too dangerous to leave your home, get a car to drive you home.

Do you need to report suspicious activity?

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