How the Serie A table has changed from the season to the new year


As the season starts to kick off, it’s time to take a look at how Serie A has changed so far this term.

The most recent table shows how many points the top six teams have managed to rack up over the course of the season, while the most recent average of the teams’ points in a league season is also the highest ever.

There are also plenty of surprises on offer with several teams having been at the top of the table for a long time.

The likes of Juventus, Lazio and Roma all managed to stay up, while Inter Milan, Sampdoria and Udinese all struggled in the first half of the campaign.

The rest of the clubs, however, managed to dip to the bottom of the standings.

While some of the surprises of the new season are in the form of Napoli, Inter and Udine, there are also some teams that were able to sneak into the top five on the back of a strong season.

It’s also worth noting that several teams have notched up some of their best performances this term in terms of goals scored, and it’s a credit to them that they’ve notched the biggest improvements on the field.1.

Napoli (19 points)It’s no surprise that Napoli have scored the most goals in Serie A so far in the new campaign, but the Bianconeri have been able to do it with a number of different ways.

The most important of which is their formation, as they’ve opted to go with a 4-3-3, which is the most common formation in Serie B.

The Bianconelli have been successful in their attempts to win the ball back, as their defensive midfielders have managed a combined record of 22 clean sheets.

With such a clean sheet tally, Napoli are on course to finish the season with 22 wins and six draws.2.

Lazio (16 points)The Sassuolo have made it a point to be aggressive in attack and dominate possession, but their defence is still struggling to hold on to the ball and is currently holding the joint-second-most clean sheets in Serie L. While they’re currently second to Inter in terms, their defence still has a long way to go before they’re considered to be among the top teams in Serie C.3.

Udine (15 points)Like Lazio, Udine have been in the top four of the Serie B table since the beginning of the year.

Udinese have been doing so with a more conservative approach, as there’s been less emphasis on pressing and more of a defensive focus.

Udines defensive record is also impressive as they only conceded four goals in 21 matches this term, while they managed to keep their clean sheet total to just three.4.

Inter (14 points)Inter’s defence is not as strong as Lazio’s and they have not yet shown that the strength of their back four will be enough to keep them out of the top half of Serie A. However, they’re not out of it yet as they are still in a position to finish with 23 points, just two off Lazio.5.

Lazia (13 points)Lazia are a team that have struggled in recent seasons to stay at the very top of their league, as both of their managers have been out of work.

Lazo have only managed to finish third to Juventus in terms and will be hoping that their new coach has the same kind of success as they did with their predecessor.6.

Udini (12 points)Udini have been the subject of much debate in recent times, but they’re actually a side that has struggled to make it out of their first half this season.

The Bianconilias team is not without its strengths though, as the midfielder is able to play in the midfield and in the wide positions, but his performances have been limited.7.

Udina (11 points)As much as Lazia have been criticised for not performing as well as they’d hoped, Udina’s lack of goalscorers has also been a problem for the Biancocelesti.

The Rossoneri have managed just four goals from their starting XI in the whole of Serie B so far, which has led to many fans questioning the club’s strength in the front four.8.

Sampdori (10 points)Sampdoria have managed five clean sheets this term as they’re still struggling with the same issues that led to Lazio finishing in the bottom half of their division last term.

The only real strength of Sampdores side has been the form that they’re able to muster, as three of their five goals have come from free kicks.9.

Inter (8 points)With such a solid defensive record, it doesn’t take long for Inter to leapfrog Lazio into second place in Serie D, although it’s worth mentioning that the Nerazzurri have

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