An Indian Muslim leader’s call for India’s PM to resign is not new

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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been accused of having an “inappropriate” relationship with Muslims, and a new article from a prominent Muslim leader in the Indian state of Gujarat says the country’s leader has not shown leadership that is acceptable to all the people of India. 

The article in the Gujarat Tribune, which has been edited by a Gujarati-based news outlet, says Mr Modi has not done enough to protect minorities from the country becoming a Hindu majority. 

“The Prime Minister has not kept his promise of building bridges, and has not provided the requisite resources to ensure the safety of Hindus, the article says.

The article was published on Friday in the newspaper, which is owned by an Indian Muslim organisation. 

It says the article, which was not published in the Gujarati newspaper, comes from Mr Modi’s own Muslim organisation, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazlul-Ulama (JUI-F).

The newspaper says the Indian government should have done more to protect Muslims in Gujarat, and that the Prime Minister should have apologised for the violence.

Mr Modi’s party has been trying to win over many Muslims to its cause.

The newspaper’s editor, Shahidul Haq, said Mr Modi had been “trying to change the minds of the Muslim voters who voted for him in the last general election”.”

But this does not mean that the Gujarat Muslims should have voted for the BJP, nor that the BJP should have lost the general election,” Mr Haq said.”

It’s about the future of India, and it’s about protecting the interests of Hindus.

“The article says Mr Gandhi was “not the only Muslim leader to criticise the Prime Minster”, and that he had been criticised for not doing enough to fight extremism in India.”

The PM should not have accepted the award from a non-Muslim organisation when he was a member of Parliament,” the article said.

The Gujarat Tribune has previously criticised the Indian media for its coverage of Mr Modi, and accused the Indian authorities of being “hostile” to Muslims.

It has also criticised Mr Modi for a spate of protests against the government over the past year, and said he should resign.”

He should also not be allowed to make any public statements to the press, or even in the media,” the newspaper said. 


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