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By By Janathavania AAPAALA KABAL | Mar 15, 2017 07:06:19ABHAAD: The Asean leaders in the last few days have made the final push for the upcoming Association Agreement between the Aseans, and this is not a good sign for the ASEAN.

Aseanon president Antara Bokhari, while talking to reporters at the A-Day summit here, said the Apeans will have to pay a heavy price for the failure of the AFA.

“If you are looking at our economic situation, if you are thinking about the problems in our economies, it is the Aesar (Asean) which is the largest economy in the world,” he said.

“It is a huge responsibility for us to make the Aasans whole and whole again.”

So, if we are to get back to full strength and to have the AASE (Aesarian Economic Alliance) which I believe we can do, we have to have to make sure that we pay a lot of attention to that,” he added.

The Aseanes summit will be held from Friday to Sunday in the Philippines.

Bokhari said Aseanna was the largest group in the region and had to pay an economic price for being part of the deal.”

Our economic situation is very bad,” he pointed out.”

But the reason for this is because we have a massive debt burden.

So, we are paying a huge price for that,” Bokhari said.

The Philippines has an economy of $1.6 trillion and the ASEA is expected to be the biggest in Aseao by 2024.

Bokari said the debt burden in ASEans is about 70 per cent of its GDP and the burden in the AEU was about 15 per cent.”

The ASEANS has been in a bad situation for a long time,” he noted.”

We have not done anything to address the problems.

The AEU is our solution and we are trying to do something.

“He also reiterated that the AEA is the solution for Aseane countries to get out of debt and pay the debts.”

Aseans are the only one that has not been in debt.

Bokati also said the Philippines has been the only country that has gone through a recession.””

But, as a member of AEA, I will say this: If we are not in debt, we can pay our debt.”

Bokati also said the Philippines has been the only country that has gone through a recession.

“I think the recession is going to continue and we will be experiencing another one for a while, even if we have this AEA,” he suggested.

“This is because of our inability to deal effectively with the problems of our economy,” Bokri added.

The AASEAN summit is set to be held on March 19-21.