How to make it on the ice, even with an ugly sweater

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Posted March 01, 2018 06:17:20There are two things I’m sure that you’re all wondering:1.

How to put on a jersey2.

How do you put on an ugly one.

The NHL has taken the unusual step of issuing a special edition jersey designed specifically for this season’s Olympics, in the hopes that people will not only be able to get dressed up, but will also dress up in the same fashion.

The jersey is not only made from fabric, but is also made from recycled materials, as well as recycled and compostable plastics.

The league says that this jersey is one that will last a lifetime, as the NHL uses only the top-grade recycled materials in its product.

“The NHL is committed to building a world that’s more sustainable and equitable,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman in a statement.

“Our jerseys will allow us to help bring about the change, and help those in need.

These jerseys are made of the finest materials and will not wear out.”

Our goal is to give the most amazing athletes and athletes’ families a great quality of life, while creating a world where they feel comfortable, safe, and supported to compete, work and live the life they love.

“As of March 2, you can buy the new jersey at your local NHL Store, and you can also check out the league’s online store to get the exact same jersey as a great deal.

The only difference is that you’ll need to have the jersey in the shape of a hockey puck.