When you say ‘no’, what are you really saying?


Hacker News, an online news aggregation service, has launched a new feature that allows users to share their opinions on topics and topics in their chosen topics with their friends.

The feature, which was first introduced to the Hacker News community earlier this year, has since received widespread popularity among the community, as users have used it to voice their opinions about a wide range of topics, from politics to technology.

According to the announcement, users can post their opinions using a simple dropdown menu and select the “post to Hacker News” option.

The dropdown menus will then display an “Add Your Comment” button, where users can choose to send a private message or use the app to send the link to friends.

Once the comment is sent, the post will appear in the Hacker Repository, where it can be read by other users.

While the feature is still a work in progress, the Hacker news community has already embraced it as a tool for expressing their opinions.

As of now, the feature has been featured in more than 1,300 posts.