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A man who was arrested for allegedly being a member of a violent criminal organisation was freed on bail after a three-hour trial.

In a rare move, the court acquitted a 29-year-old man from the notorious Srikakulam gang in the death of a 23-year old woman.

The accused, identified as Anwar Alam, was arrested on the night of May 2 after the woman died at his home in the city of Kannur.

The court said Alam was charged with murder but denied the charge and was released after the prosecution rested.

Alam is accused of murdering the woman in Kannurtur in August 2016.

The Srikas have been linked to the rape and murder of a 17-year, 16-year and 15-year olds in Kollam in July last year.

Police say Alam was involved in the rape of a 15-month old baby in Kottayam on the eve of the Karnataka State Election in which his group was one of the candidates.

The trial lasted three days and the accused was released on bail on Tuesday.

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