Why is the Kerala government giving money to journalists?


The Kerala government is providing money to reporters in the state’s largest cities.

The money comes in the form of incentives to be given jobs, which will be used to pay salaries and expenses for them.

The State government, however, has given the money to the media, and has not yet disclosed how much the journalists get.

The government has said the money is meant to support the media.

“We have provided the incentive, which is Rs 500 per month, to the journalists to do the job,” State government spokesperson Sivakumar Shinde told The News Minute on Saturday.

Shinde said that the government would not disclose how much money the journalists are getting, saying it was not an official matter.

“The State Government will not divulge the amount of money we have provided to them,” he said.

In a similar move, the Kerala State government has given Rs 1 lakh for each journalist who reaches a certain benchmark in five years, the same as the previous incentive scheme.

“We have given Rs 500 to each journalist.

The amount is in the same range as the last incentive scheme,” Shindee said.

The state government has set up a fund of Rs 3.7 crore for the journalists, with the funds to be spent on hiring new staff and hiring new equipment.

The Kerala Government has also set up an online portal, where the reporters can write to the state government.