How to win the next race in the US election


The race for the presidency is over in the United States, but the race for a Senate seat in Alabama is still very much in play.

With more than 30 million people voting in Alabama’s congressional elections, the Senate race is also a close race.

The two candidates vying for the seat are Alabama Republican Senator Luther Strange and Democrat Doug Jones.

But there is a big difference between Strange and Jones in Alabama.

Strange has a record of supporting President Donald Trump, while Jones has a history of opposing him.

Strange has long been considered a rising star in Alabama politics, and he won a state senate seat in 2018 by less than a percentage point over Republican incumbent Jeff Sessions.

But in a recent poll from the Public Policy Polling firm, Jones leads Strange by just one point, 52-40 percent.

It’s a clear indication that Jones is on the rise in Alabama, where Democrats have lost six of the last seven Senate races.

Jones has also been a frequent critic of President Trump, and this week he tweeted a video showing the president mocking a woman who came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

Jones is one of the top 2020 Republican Senate candidates in Alabama as the state continues to look for a new senator.

He has already been endorsed by several Republican senators, including Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who endorsed Strange.

But Jones is also looking to expand his support with endorsements from a wide range of Alabama political leaders, including Alabama Senate President Perri Vandiver and Rep. James Clyburn.

The latest numbers on the race are from the Alabama Department of Elections.

According to the latest figures from the state, Jones is leading Strange by 6.5 points in the race to become the Senate’s next majority leader.

The Democrat has lost just one other Senate race since the end of last year, in Alabama in January.

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