What you need to know about the Suddi-news paper


Posted October 03, 2019 08:16:31The Suddic news paper, a joint venture between the Times of Bengal and the National Newspaper Group, has launched its new news portal.

It will be launched on the platform in the coming days.

The portal will be accessible to all users.

“The Suddlei News Paper has been launched in the last two weeks and the aim is to launch the portal to provide access to all the news items that are being published on the news portal,” news editor Srinivas Muthiah said in a statement.

The SUDI portal is expected to be available from November 17.

“In the coming few days, we will also be launching a new news site on the portal.

The site will be open to all, and will feature news items and news reports from all news sources,” he said.

Suddi News will be one of the main portals for news reporting in the state, according to the portal’s website.

The news portal is also aimed at giving readers insight into events and events that are happening across the state.