Modi to meet US President in New York on Saturday after meeting with Chinese leaders


India will meet US president Donald Trump on Saturday in New Jersey, after meeting the Chinese president in Washington.

A joint statement from Indian and Chinese leaders said that India would hold bilateral meetings with Trump to discuss bilateral trade, defence and security cooperation.

The joint statement said Modi would meet the US president “in New York” on Saturday and “in Washington after that”.

It said the two leaders will discuss “the recent developments in Indo-US relations and the importance of continuing our partnership”.

“The two leaders are committed to enhancing cooperation in defence and peacekeeping operations, including through strengthening the military-to-military relationship.

They are also committed to increasing cooperation on counter-terrorism and other regional and global issues,” the statement added.

The statement also said the leaders will meet on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Brisbane next week, where Modi will also attend the summit.

The two sides have been embroiled in a dispute over Kashmir, which has pitted India, Pakistan and China in the disputed region.

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