Why the Tigers are in trouble with the umpires


The Tigers are currently 0-3 against the umpire.

In their last six games, the Tigers have surrendered just two runs (and a walk) against the official umpire and have walked just one batter.

The Tigers are 0-4 against the Indians, who have allowed an average of 7.1 runs per game against the officials in their last three games.

They’re 0-1 against the Braves, who are currently tied with the Cardinals for the second-best record in the National League at 7-4.

It’s also worth noting that the Tigers currently hold a .333 average against umpiring in 2017, which would make them one of just six teams to have a .300 average against them.

If the Tigers continue to struggle with the officials, the team will have to make drastic changes to their offensive attack, which has been limited by injuries to key starters and other issues that have plagued them in recent weeks.

There’s a chance the Tigers can still get back on track if the official’s errors are corrected, which could open the door for the team to make the playoffs if they stay healthy.

What’s next for the Tigers?

The Astros are currently 2-3, but with three games remaining they could be in a good position to make a playoff push with the rest of their schedule.

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