Fake news

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on fake news article in article Fake news.

That’s what it is.

I think it’s a real problem.

I’m a big fan of that.

But I’m not a fan of the idea that it’s the president of the United States saying things that are false, and then lying about it.

But it’s really an issue that, frankly, has got to be addressed.

And it’s been addressed in the past.

But the fact that it was not addressed in a timely way is just disgraceful.

And I think we need to get better at that.

It’s not only the president.

It seems to be the entire White House.

It was not until recently that the White House even took the lead in making sure that there were checks and balances in place, and to make sure that we have the right kind of accountability.

And so I think that the president, when he comes to the White [House], he has to understand that this is not going to be okay.

It doesn’t belong to him.

And that’s why he has an obligation to take the lead and be responsible, because it doesn’t look good.

So, we need that leadership, and I think the president is making the right decisions about it, and we need him to take it.

And the rest of us have to follow suit.

We’re going to need more leadership.

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