How to turn your smartphone into a video camera for the office


A paper manufacturer in Sydney has developed a device that will capture video from a smartphone’s camera to be uploaded to YouTube.

The device, called the ‘Camera Mobile’, is an iPad mini-sized video camera.

The company is making it available to anyone who wants to make a video for their office or corporate presentation.

“It’s a simple, fun device to make,” said Richard Sperling, CEO of The Paper Industry.

“And it’s a fantastic addition to our product line.”

He added that there were some advantages to the Camera Mobile that the iPad Mini does not have.

“The camera is actually able to capture video, so you’re not restricted to your phone,” he said.

The Camera Mobile has an LED screen and it can be used to take photos.

But it has some limitations, Mr Sperle said.

“One is that the camera is just a little bit smaller than an iPhone, and that means that it takes up a little more space in the camera bag,” he explained.

“Secondly, because of the way the screen works, it only captures a certain amount of data at a time.”

Thirdly, it’s not as good as the iPad because the camera takes a lot more video.

So the results you get are really bad.

“But he said that there are advantages to making video for an office.”

You’re not going to get that huge video from your iPhone and the video quality is not as clear as it would be on a smartphone,” he told ABC Radio.”

So you have a lot of control over the amount of detail that you’re able to get in your video.

“He said the camera would also be useful for professional photographers and videographers.”

I think the camera will become even more important as we go forward,” he added.”

Because we can get all of the information we need from a video, including lighting, so it becomes a lot easier to get good results.

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