When India shuts down its entire online media industry, the global online news community can only pray


India’s government has announced it is shutting down the entire online news industry on Thursday, citing the impact of climate change and the threat of terrorism.

The government has ordered all the country’s major online portals, including the Times of India, CNN, Reuters and CNN-IBN, to suspend their services on Thursday evening.

It is the first time India has shut down the online news ecosystem in almost two decades.

The announcement came as India’s chief minister, Narendra Modi, held talks with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

The country has had a tough time coping with the effects of climate changes and terrorism.

In 2015, India suffered a massive blackout of its internet, causing the country to lose over one million jobs and more than $300 billion in revenue.

The new government said that the internet is an integral part of the nation’s digital infrastructure and that shutting down it would harm the country.

In addition, the government said shutting down online news and news portals will hurt India’s innovation and job creation.

“The online news sector is an essential tool in Indian society.

We are witnessing the loss of jobs and economic opportunities, and we are witnessing massive losses in the livelihood of the country,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a statement.

“We have asked the Prime Minister of India to take steps to restore the digital ecosystem and digital jobs.”

In January, Modi said that India has lost the global digital space, citing “massive” job losses and economic damage.

The US government said in March that it was “not convinced” that online platforms like Twitter or Facebook could function in a climate-free world.

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