How to watch the Europa League semi-final between Galatasaray and Bologna


It has been revealed that Galatasaurus and Bruges defender Alex Teixeira will not be playing for their respective clubs during the second leg of the Europa Ligue 1 semi-finals, meaning they will not play at the same time as the Galatassasaurus squad.

The Galatakasaurus team are set to play against Brugals on Saturday, and both sides are expected to be ready to go at the weekend.

The game, which will be played at the Olimpico Arena, has already been confirmed as being the final leg of UEFA Champions League group B, with the top two teams from each group going to the quarter-finals.

The tie between the two clubs has been set to kick off at 19:00 GMT on Saturday.

The Europa League is the most successful tournament in Europe, with 13 different teams playing in the competition.