The big-ticket items in the scholastics news paper


Scholastic News Paper has revealed the top-selling books of 2017 for children.

Here are the top selling books in all categories:The first half of 2017 has been dominated by new series and books, with a number of bestselling books debuting in this period.

Here are the Top 20 titles of the first half:The best-selling book of the year so far is The Power of Words, a new series for children published by Penguin Random House Australia.

The series follows two students who learn the secret language of the Book of Life.

The new series features four characters who share a common interest in writing, and who have to overcome obstacles and obstacles to make it to the top of the literary ladder.

The novel is the story of a boy and his sister who are both aspiring writers.

The best selling book of 2017 so far for children was The Power Of Words by Amy McElroy.

The book follows two characters who learn a secret language, and struggle to achieve their goal.

The bestselling book of this year is The Story of My Grandfather, a book by Australian writer Joanne Womack.

The story follows two brothers who find themselves in a family with no English speakers, and they must use their imaginations to overcome the language barrier.

The first book in this new series is The Great American Story, a collection of essays by British author Ian McEwan, and is a collaboration with the authors.

It tells the story about the journey of two young men who travel to the heartland of America to find their lost grandfather.

The second best-seller of 2017 was The Little Prince, a novel by Australian author Peter Bradbury, and tells the stories of two boys who find their way to an orphanage, to help other orphans.