BJP’s Modi says he’ll make it easy to file tax returns for BJP leader, Jaitley

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The BJP’s prime minister Narendra Modi has called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to file returns for his top political aides, including senior ministers, and urged him to do so immediately.

The comments come after Modi, who has become the BJP’s most powerful political figure in a generation, was asked by Jaitly to make his returns public after he said earlier this month he would be ready to file the returns of all his top aides and ministers in the coming weeks.

Modi made his remarks on Thursday at the opening of a public meeting to mark the 10th anniversary of the BJP, which was formed to form the next government of the Centre.

He had previously said that he would make his return public within two weeks.

The BJP, led by Modi, has won two general elections and secured a second term in office.

Modis remarks came as he took to the stage to announce that the country was headed for a new era of economic growth and growth opportunities, which would see millions of Indians moving out of poverty.

The Modi government, led from the top by Modi’s son Amit Shah, has embarked on a sweeping transformation of the country, with the BJP winning the elections of more than 70 state governments, and more than 20,000 new jobs in the past year.

Modies reforms include demonetisation, which forced many Indians to cash out of their bank accounts and has helped the economy.

In a speech, Modi said he had “no doubt” about the ability of the government to handle the situation and that the government was committed to addressing the root causes of the poverty in the country.

Modys government has introduced a new welfare scheme, which has seen a jump in beneficiaries, including women, children and the poor.

The government also introduced the Aadhaar number scheme, a centralised digital identity database.

Modi said the Aadhaar would help people to have the confidence to get help and the right to access government services.