How to deal with a man who threatens you online


A man in India has been accused of threatening to rape a woman in his native Urdu newspaper after the woman said she was raped.

The woman said in an online post on Saturday that she had been approached by a man in the town of Jang, in Bihar, who threatened to rape her after he saw her wearing a “bikini” during a demonstration in support of the Kashmiri people.

The man allegedly said he would kill her if she told anyone.

The woman’s boyfriend posted the threatening post on Twitter and asked him to stop.

In a subsequent tweet, the man allegedly posted pictures of the woman and her husband and asked them to kill her.

The man allegedly then told the woman’s husband to kill his wife.

She said in her tweet that the man threatened to kill them if she continued to wear a bikini.

She has now posted a picture of the alleged attacker in the photo and asked her followers to send her pictures of their own.

The Indian government has ordered an investigation into the threat.

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